10 Best Video Editing Softwares for Beginners

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Don’t have a video specialist to shoot and cut your features? Discover 10 beginner-friendly video editing software programs. With the right video editing software, you can churn out professional video

High-quality and easy to learn video editing programs can help users create a truly good result. With the help of such software, it is easy to create promotional videos for social networks or the presentation of your product or service. Now there is a large selection of various tools and even online sites for creating and modifying your content. The more interesting the material, the more profitable your company will stand out from competitors.

Currently, marketers often recommend using a video format to achieve a more effective result. Compared to a regular photo collage or banner ad, product videos have a more attractive form for users. According to the average statistical data, video presentations can increase the attractiveness of a product and its conversion rate by an average of 130-140%.

We have made for you a selection of the best free programs to help you create the perfect video. Among this list, you will find several paid versions at affordable prices. Our experts personally tested each of the programs listed below and made a detailed description of all the functions useful to entrepreneurs.

The best utilities for working with movies that even a novice can handle

You do not have enough skills to professionally edit video materials? Even if you don’t know how to use the cool features of special programs to insert effects or trim material, this is not a problem. Our goal is to show you that it is possible to create a cool video even without special knowledge. You will be surprised at the result even with a little experience because outwardly your creation will resemble the work of a whole staff of professionals. Tip: grab an HD video from YouTube and for educational purposes try to evaluate each program below with the same piece of content.

Let’s not waste time and try to completely immerse ourselves in the process. We have selected 10 programs that will help you achieve your goal quickly and easily. In this collection, you will find both free versions of editors and programs with a paid subscription and additional features.

1. Apple iMovie.

If you plan to work on a PC, you can skip this item because it will not suit you. We cannot miss this software, even though it is adapted for a limited number of users. Apple iMovie is primarily the simplicity and elegance of design with a set of high-quality filters. You can use AirDrop to transfer the footage and then edit the project on your iPhone or Mac.

One of the most important functions of this software is the lameness tool. With it, you can create amazing backgrounds for your plot and insert different objects into the movie. For example, you can make a background in the form of a fantastic landscape where dragons fly or flight in space. With the additional features of the program, users can also easily create their sounds and even entire audio tracks. At the end of creating a video, you can immediately publish it on one of the social networks or other video platforms connected to iMovie.

Distinctive features include green-screen function, free access when buying a Mac, the ability to publish on an integrated social network.

2.Using the capabilities of Lumen 5 without special knowledge.

For the most part, this program is a separate editing tool than a complete program. However, professional marketers to create vibrant and funny videos in a short time often use it. Even if you have never tried your hand at editing video content, Lumen5 is perfect for you.

The creators of this tool position it as a simple tool that can turn any form into an interesting post on a social network. To achieve the desired result, you have to spend a lot of time, but it is worth it – in the end, you will get a quality product. In the process, you will have to use animated pictures or emoticons, as well as music tracks, to prepare your creation for publication on one of the social networks.

A distinctive feature of the tool is the ability to create material for advertising purposes using an interactive interface. Movies with 480p quality are free and there are no restrictions. However, if you need better quality, we recommend that you purchase a subscription for $ 50 per month.

3.Features of Nero Video

This program is the cheapest option for professional video editing software. Inside the software, many built-in functions will help you achieve maximum results in your work. The advantages of Nero include a simple interface that will be clear even to beginners without special skills. This program has a small drawback – low data processing speed, so professionals do not often use this utility. Moreover, if you are thinking about purchasing a paid subscription, it is better to give your preference to more functional programs than this one.

A distinctive feature of the software is an affordable price – a one-time payment is made after the trial period for $ 50.

4. Corel Video Studio Features

If you need the characteristics of the best top products in one place, then this program is what you need! Here you will find support for major formats, motion tracking, and 360-degree VR. Using these functions will allow you to make high-quality advertising for your service without additional investments. It should be noted that a motion tracking function is a new tool that makes it possible to impose effects on each object individually throughout the entire video clip.

The main disadvantage of VideoStudio is the low data processing speed and the need for a powerful computer. A one-time payment for using the full functionality of the program is $ 52, which makes it attractive compared to similar utilities, but with a paid monthly subscription.

5. Filmora by Wondershare

Filmora is a multi-faceted video editing tool for free. It combines simplicity and functionality, which will be understandable even for beginners. The Wondershare team has created several versions of this software – for desktop PCs and mobile versions for smartphones and tablets. There is also a screen recording function with subsequent editing of the material. It should be noted the intuitive interface of the program, as well as the presence of dozens of filters and overlay effects, transitions, music effects and much more.

Filmora also supports formats such as k and gif, allowing you to convert material if necessary. Users can create unique videos using this software without using additional materials. The process occurs by dragging and dropping controls and applying an effect or filter.

The distinctive features of Filmora are the presence of an easy mode for beginners, as well as the presence of a large library of effects and sounds inside the program – you do not need to download anything extra. There are several options for getting the full version – a one-time purchase for $ 60 or a paid subscription for $ 40 per year. In comparison with similar products, Filmora has more than a reasonable price concerning functionality.

6. Features of CyberLink Power Director

We decided to include CyberLink Power Director on our list because of its simple interface and simple design. Even if you decide for the first time in your life to edit video content, you can find hundreds of tutorials for this program in the public domain. The official website also has tutorials to help you understand the functionality of CyberLink Power Director.

If you are not ready to spend time studying these functions, then perhaps you should choose something simpler. PowerDirector processes data as quickly as possible and saves a lot of time on the editing process. Developers regularly release innovative add-ons and updates for their software.

If you are interested in CyberLink PowerDirector, then you only need to pay $ 80 once and you will get constant access to all functions. This is one of the most powerful tools for editing video clips and for creating quality content. A distinctive feature of the software is instant rendering with many effects used.

7. Features of Adobe Premiere Elements

This program has long held a leading position in the list of video editors, so we could not leave it unattended. Even the price of $ 80 is justified for such great functionality. Since the creation and release of the Premiere Elements program to the masses, quite a lot of time has passed since then a lot of competitive products have appeared. However, we still recommend this product even to beginners, because here you will find the widest functionality.

Inexperienced users can take advantage of an interesting feature called “guided editing.” Using this tool, the program independently selects and applies the most suitable parameters for each video. The user can edit the material in just a few minutes with a minimum of effort and time.

You can buy this program for $ 80, and the payment is made once for all the time and then all updates come for free. Thus, despite the low data processing speed, Premiere Elements is an excellent tool for working with videos.

8. Pinnacle Studio Features

The cost of Pinnacle Studio is almost $ 130 for full access to all functions. This amount is much higher than the prices of competitors, but what do you get for that kind of money? First of all, this is the speed of material processing and the availability of advanced technologies and the latest tools for comfortable editing.

At the same time, the program interface will be clear even to a person who is not dedicated to the intricacies of editing. Any user can start working with the program without additional knowledge and skills.

If you are looking for a large number of functions and high speed, then Pinnacle Studio is what you need. Feel free to make a purchase and you will not regret the money spent, because this program will meet your expectations. Distinctive features of Pinnacle Studio are its high rendering speed and a huge range of diverse functions.

9. Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

This program is one of the most difficult to master, but at the same time, it has the maximum possible set of functions. Recently, developers have implemented a virtual user data storage system with the ability to download to any device. Look on the Internet what interesting videos you can create using Adobe Premiere Pro and you will certainly want to try this utility in action.

One of the most unique tools of this program is the ability to automatically adjust colors and lighting in a video clip. Perhaps this function is somewhat reminiscent of editing in Photoshop, only in video format. There is also the possibility of using a multi-faceted camera, which allows you to work out the smallest details in the video. Try to create your titles or connect any auxiliary application to achieve the desired effect.

Distinctive features are the presence of a multi camera, a variety of tools for working with texture, as well as a simple interface. Adobe Premiere Pro has a paid subscription of $ 20 per month.

10. Features and functionality of Apple Final Cut Pro X

This is the most expensive and most sophisticated with all kinds of chips app for video processing. The cost is almost $ 300 and offers dozens of features that even a beginner can figure out. This program was specially created for those who want to create the highest quality product without spending years learning. Here you will find a clear and simple interface, but huge potential and almost limitless possibilities.

A distinctive feature of the Final Cut program is the presence of a magnetic timeline and support for Touch Bar. The high price may scare those who doubt it, but looking at the video review of this program, you will understand that this price is fully justified.

Afterwords and some clever thoughts

Do you plan to engage in marketing on a social network or run a large site selling top-end products? To do this, you will need the skills of a video editor and the programs we talked about above. Any software that we described in this article will help you successfully start in the chosen direction.

First of all, answer your question – how much are you willing to spend money on the purchase of software and how much time you have to study it. Decide on what purpose you need software and based on this make your choice. As soon as you decide which software is right for you, spend a little time developing it and only after that use it in practice and for work.

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