10 Best Pop Up Under Ad Networks to Increase your Blog Traffic

Hi Guys, Today I’m Going To Tell You Some Popup /Pop Under Advertising Networks To Increase Your Blog Revenue. Today’s Pop Up Advertising Run Everywhere On The Net, Specially Run On Freebies Sites, Entertainment Sites, Movies Downloading, Torrent Sites Etc.

Pop Up Ads Are Generally New Web Browser Windows To Display Advertisements. The Pop-Up Window Containing An Advertisement Is Usually Generated By JavaScript Using Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Sometimes With a Secondary Payload Using Adobe Flash.

Here I have listed down  10 Best Pop-Under Ad Network which you can use either as an advertiser or even as a publisher. They have been consistently delivering high performing solutions to online publishers and advertisers around the world. Hope that you find here the one matching your requirements-

Adsterra pop-underpop ad

  • ADSTERRA – Adsterra is fastest growing Pop-Under Ad Network, useful for both publishers and advertisers. For publishers, Adsterra can be a good monetization option as they offer Display banner, Pop under, Direct Links, Siders, Push Up Ads, etc. which helps publishers to monetize their website with the best option. Above that, they offer on-time payment via a major payment system. Adsterra is also a powerful option for advertisers, they offer CPM, CPA, CPL or PPI options which help the advertiser to get best ROI. Advertisers can advertise their product or services through varies options like Popunder, display ads, etc. Advertisers can make advanced targeting which helps them to target a specific audience.

Pop-Under Ad Network

  • POP ADS – PopAds.Net Is One Of The Best Pop Under Ad Network In The Industry. It’s A Simple Advertising Network For Bloggers, Website Owners. Pop Ads Is A CPV (Cost Per View)  Based Ad Network. They Pay For Visitors. For Your Visitors Don’t Need To Click On Anything, Whenever They Will Go To Your Site, You Will Get Paid. They Also Offer The Highest CPV Rates In The Industry, Which Can Go Up To $6 (For 1000 Ad Views) Depending Upon Visitors Geographic Location.

Pop-Under Ad Network

  • POPCASH – PopCash.Net Is A Popular PopUnder Advertising Network. It Is Most Effective, When Any Visitor Enter On A Site That Has Installed PopCash.Net Ad Code Will See The Advertising Immediately. There Payout Rates Are Not Fixed And Based On Advertisers Bidding Process. Popcash Uses A Popunder Ad Scheme Where The Ads Are Shown In A New Window Underneath The Current Browser. The Popunders Are Activated When You Click Anywhere On The Site. The Good Thing About PopCash Is That They Will Limit The Number Of Pop Unders By One Per Day Per Session.

Pop-Under Ad Network

  • eXOCLICK  – exoClick is a leading web and mobile ad network serving pop-under ads. It mostly caters to adult traffic serving global and multi-channel ad solutions through the web, mobile, tablets, smart TVs, and more. Moreover, exoClick serves more than 20 ad formats. Its excellent customer support comes with 24/7 customer service, dedicated account managers, with weekly on-time payments. You get access to its advanced real-time statistics. It is a recognized and leading ad network in the entertainment market which can surely help to monetize your website.



  • POpMYAds – PopMyads Is A Good Pop Under Advertising Network Which Was Started Back In 2011. PopMyAds Offers High CPM Rates And Provides Best International Traffic Coverage To Its Publishers. PopMyAds Has A Huge Number Of Advertisers From All Around The World And Therefore It Provides 100% Fill Rates. Being A Publisher, You Can Be Sure To Get Ads Every Time. PopMyAds Is Having One Of The Best Payout In The Market And There Is No Restriction As Many Ad Network Do. No Matter How Much Traffic You Have, You Can Apply For The Network And Be Sure To Get Approval Till The Time You Are Complying With their Terms And Conditions. They Guarantee To Provide 100% Fill Rate To Their Publishers.



  • ClickAdu – ClickAdu is one of the leading global Ad Network. It provides more than 500 impressions per day, including mobile web and desktop inventory. It takes every effort to help advertisers and publishers earn additional revenue from every click. Advertisers get fully managed campaign optimization. It provides advanced targeting and quality traffic with fraud and bot filtering.Publishers get access to multiple payment methods with weekly payouts. It is easy to add any website, from blogs to microsites, all kinds of websites. ClickAdu focusses on Pop-Under and Click Under Ads. Its site validation process is quick and takes a maximum of 1 day. It ensures that the right people see the advertisements.

Pop-Under Ad Network

  • PROPELLER ADS – PropellerAds  Payouts 200% higher than anywhere else due to detailed optimization of each site individually and selecting the best performing campaigns. Quick and in-time payouts by any payment method convenient to you. 100% monetization of your inventory at all ad formats at maximum CPM rates. CPM rates for banners depend a lot on CTR value. Placing the ad close to page content helps to get as good CPMs as 1-2$ for US and GB inventory. Best CPM rates for NORTH AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, WESTERN AND EASTERN EUROPE. Great advertising solutions for media entertainment/gaming inventory, forex etc.

pop ad

pop ad

  • PopUnder – Popunder consistently buys traffic at maximum prices (advertisers compete for your traffic) and also there was no payment delays since 2007.Every day  provides up to 20  million unique visitors for their website. They also provide free targeting by geography (including cities), time and budget. Targeting by keywords will provide you most suitable visitors.


Galaksion Pop Under ads

  • GALAKSION – Galaksion is a well known online advertising network which connects advertisers and publishers from across the globe. It offers maximum opportunities to advertisers and publishers for making money in a simple and effective way. Based in the UK, Galaksion focuses on POP, CPA, CPM, and CPC advertising formats. It specializes in serving media advertising on websites with Pop Up, Pop Under, Video Ads, Slide Banners, Interstitial Ads, Screen Savers, Running Text, and Splash Screens. Galaksion provides transparent accounting system, 24/7 support, Ad Material Management, together with Individual Approach. It provides the highest level of targeted advertising. It customizes to accommodate, geographical location, cookies analysis, time, and much more. It delivers timely payments. Minimum payout is $100 with multiple payment methods such as Pay Pal, Wire Transfer, and Bank Transfer.



  • BIDVERTISER – We Hear Always Many Bloggers Quit Blogging Because Of Not Getting AdSense Approval. But Don’t Panic, There Are Many Ways To Make Money Online With Blogs. So Here I’m Going To Share A Best AdSense Alternative That Pay You On Every Clicks. Yes I Am Talking About Bidvertiser. Bidvertiser Publishers Program Also Didn’t Reject Your Website (Mostly) As Adsense Always Do. Bidvertiser Is An Online Advertising Platform And A Best Adsense Alternatives For Publishers That Presents A Unique Way Of Advertising. Bidvertiser Is An Advertising System Mixed With A Bid System, The Bidding System Gives The Publishers The Possibility To Earn More Money From Their Ad Slots.

We Hope, You Liked This List Of Best Pop Under Advertising Companies. Share This List With Your Blogger Friends too and do share which Pop-Under Ad Network you using and which one is  giving good result .

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