Advance Google Searching Training to Find Secrets on Internet


Course Description

Welcome to the Advanced Google Searching Training, where you'll master the art of utilizing Google's advanced search operators to uncover hidden gems, secrets, and valuable information on the internet. In this immersive 7-day live training, you'll work closely with your instructor to delve deep into the world of online research and discover how to find information that most people overlook. Whether you're a researcher, journalist, marketer, or simply curious, this course will equip you with powerful skills to become a proficient internet sleuth.


Advance Searching Course Module

Day 1: Introduction to Advanced Google Searching

  • Lesson 1: The Power of Google Search
  • Lesson 2: Understanding Search Operators
  • Lesson 3: Google Search Syntax
  • Live Practice: Basic Search Operators

Day 2: Advanced Search Techniques

  • Lesson 4: Using Boolean Operators
  • Lesson 5: Site-Specific Searches
  • Lesson 6: File Type and File Extension Searches
  • Live Practice: Crafting Advanced Queries

Day 3: Exploring Google's Special Features

  • Lesson 7: Google's Advanced Search Page
  • Lesson 8: Google Dorks and Custom Search Engines
  • Lesson 9: Google Search by Image and Voice
  • Live Practice: Leveraging Special Search Features

Day 4: Searching Within Specific Domains

  • Lesson 10: Navigating Government and Educational Resources
  • Lesson 11: Unearthing Hidden Forums and Communities
  • Lesson 12: Deep Web and Dark Web Exploration
  • Live Practice: Digging into Specialized Domains

Day 5: Investigative Techniques

  • Lesson 13: Researching People and Background Checks
  • Lesson 14: Investigating Companies and Competitors
  • Lesson 15: Detecting Plagiarism and Content Theft
  • Live Practice: Conducting Online Investigations

Day 6: Advanced Google Alerts and Automation

  • Lesson 16: Setting Up Google Alerts
  • Lesson 17: Automating Search with Scripts and Tools
  • Lesson 18: Monitoring Trends and Emerging Topics
  • Live Practice: Creating Customized Alerts and Automation

Day 7: Ethical and Responsible Searching

  • Lesson 19: Ethical Considerations in Online Research
  • Lesson 20: Privacy and Security Best Practices
  • Lesson 21: Citing Sources and Avoiding Misinformation
  • Live Practice: Responsible Internet Sleuthing

  • Throughout this 7-day course, you will engage in hands-on live practices and real-world scenarios. Your instructor will provide personalized guidance and feedback as you hone your advanced searching skills. You'll leave this training with the ability to uncover hidden information, verify sources, and become a proficient internet detective.

    Please come prepared with a laptop or desktop computer, a strong internet connection, and a curious mindset. Let's embark on this journey together and unlock the secrets of the internet!

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